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Lies and truth: Vocational education and training in Xinjiang
Beginning in the 1990s, terrorism driven by religious extremism wrecked havoc across northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
As many have pointed out, China's response to the highly-complex problem of terrorism within its borders isn't perfect or all-wise. Yet, the course it chooses – to educate those influenced by extremist ideology and try to change their lives for the better – is still far superior than America's War on Terror which saw the vast expansion of the state surveillance in the U.S. and started the endless cycle of brutality and hatred in faraway land.
Still, China's response to terrorism in Xinjiang has been repeatedly criticized by some Western media outlets as "authoritarian" and "inhumane." The vocational training centers have been at the center of controversy and painted as "concentration camps" where Chinese ethnic minorities are "indoctrinated."
So, what is vocational education and training really about? Watch this documentary to find out.
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