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WHO Director-General Thanks Wuhan People for Their Efforts Against Outbreak

At a media briefing in Geneva on Thursday, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus thanked the people of Wuhan for what they are doing to fight the novel coronavirus outbreak. "With the solidarity of Wuhan people, we will defeat the virus," he said.

When asked by Xinhua News Agency, the Director-General said that the Wuhan people and Hubei Province in general are paying a lot. "I would like to appreciate them and thank them for their cooperation. The actions they are taking protect their own people, and also the rest of the world."

"I was in Beijing, and I wish I had visited Wuhan. I would like to assure the Wuhan people that I will go and visit them one day, hopefully very soon," said the Director-General. "At the same time, my spirit is actually always with them and with others who are fighting this dreadful virus." He expressed his confidence that with this kind of solidarity and thinking for one another demonstrated by the Wuhan people, "I know we will defeat this virus."

At the media briefing, the Director-General also announced that WHO will convene a global research and innovation forum in Geneva on February 11 and 12, a meeting of scientists from all over the world, to identify research priorities and coordinate the international research effort and to find therapeutics and vaccines for the novel coronavirus as soon as possible.

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