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Across the Cultures
-Remarks by Ambassador Chen Yuming for "Happy Chinese New Year" Celebration at Far Eastern Museum


(14 February 2015)

Dear friends,

The Chinese New Year of Sheep is coming in five days. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden, I would like to extend our cordial greetings and best wishes to you. Sheep symbolizes good luck in Chinese culture. I believe the Year of Sheep will bring good luck to China-Sweden ties.

Even separated by mountains and rivers, far away from each other, our peoples share deep empathy. Our friendship runs a long course from a remote source, and our cultural ties, full of highlights, filled the overall history of exchanges between the two countries with splendid chapters. The ship "Goteborg" shuttled between Sweden and China, and built a bridge of ties. The Swedish explorer Sven Hedin discovered the ancient city of Loulan in China. The Swedish archaeologist Johan Gunnar Andersson found Yangshao and Majiayao cultures in China. These became milestones in China's archaeological history.

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the China-Sweden diplomatic relations. The past 65 years have seen comprehensive and steady developments of the bilateral ties and increase in the breadth and depth of cooperation. There have been frequent high-level visits between the two countries, deepening the political consensus. The pragmatic cooperation developed substantially and people to people exchanges were deeply engaged. Chinese culture attracted more and more attention in Sweden, with Swedes showing increasing interest in Chinese Literature especially after Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize in 2012 and became the first Chinese writer who won such a honor. The "Chinese Bridge" Competitions kindled the enthusiasm of Swedish students to learn Chinese. The Confucius Institutes showed unique charm of Chinese culture, and the events such as the the Terracotta Solders Exhibition and "China Festival" were well received in Sweden.

"Happy Chinese New Year" showing Chinese traditional culture and contemporary art, has become a brand of promoting cultural cooperation between China and Sweden. This is the 11th year that the Chinese Embassy and the Far Eastern Museum co-host the celebrations of the Chinese New Year. I do believe that "Happy Chinese New Year" will contribute more to better understanding between the two peoples. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Museum for their unremitting efforts introducing Chinese culture in Sweden, thanks go to the Chinese community for their active participation with deep love for their ancestors' land and thanks go to the audience for their attendance despite the freezing weather.

It happens to be the Valentine's Day today and we have gathered here at the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures. This may indicate that the the bilateral cultural exchange will prosper in a new spring.

I hope you will enjoy the performances and wish you every happiness in the year of Sheep! Gott NyttÃ…r!

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