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Remarks at the Sino-Swedish Green-Coop Platform Launching Ceremony

(4th Nov. 2014)

Honorable State Secretary Mr. Oscar Stenstrom,

Mr. Mats Denninger,

Mr. Thomas Lagerqvist,

Distinguished guests,

Witnessed by all of you today, I am very pleased to sign the Sino-Swedish Green-Coop Action Plan together with Mr. Thomas Lagerqvist, respectively on behalf of Chinese Embassy in Sweden and Sweden-China Trade Council. Now, Sino-Swedish Green-Coop platform has been launched.

The idea for the SSG platform received welcoming echos from both sides immediately after initiation.

As China is developing fast, we are faced with serious ecological and environmental challenges.

The Chinese government is committed to the development of green and low-carbon economy, an inevitable path to realize economic, social and environmental sustainability.

As one of the pioneers in advocating the concept of sustainable development, Sweden is among the earliest countries to carry out environmental protection. You are a key pilot in green economy in terms of environmental protection, energy conservation and clean technologies.

To strengthen cooperation in green economy, China and Sweden have signed, over the recent years, a series of urban cooperation agreements on energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development.

As a result, more and more Swedish enterprises entered the Chinese market. Technical exchanges and cooperation on eco-city projects have been implemented in a number of Chinese cities, such as Tangshan, Tianjin, Jinan, to mention only a few. Meanwhile, we also see that some issues related to cooperation patterns, design concepts and standards still need to be explored. There is big potential in raising the level of our cooperation.

As Chinese ambassador to Sweden, I take it as one of my central missions to learn from the Swedish experiences of green development, and promoting Sino-Swedish cooperation in the green industries.

For this end, the Chinese Embassy in Sweden held extensive and in-depth exchanges with the central and local Government offices, business organizations and enterprises of the Swedish side.

On the basis of the consensus reached, the Chinese Embassy and SCTC established the SSG Working Group. I am so glad to see that, after one year of discussion and consultation, it is time for a good harvest in this golden autumn.

I would like to stress that this is an open platform for cooperation. It aims to promote comprehensive and multi-level dialogues and cooperation in the fields of green and low-carbon industries.

For our plans to be realized, we need full support and active participation from the central and local governments, businesses, academics and research institutions from our two countries.

Both sides will make our respective websites as carriers of the SSG platform. There you will find our policies and regulations on green industries, as well as information on the activities of exchanges and cooperation.

Finally, I would like to invite all of you, together with your friends of the same wishes and interests, to join us and participate in the building of this platform.



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