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Ambassador Gui Congyou Attends the Inauguration Ceremony of Mulan Theater of Sweden

On 4 May, Ambassador Gui Congyou attended the inauguration ceremony of Mulan Theater of Sweden in Sundbyberg, Stockholm. Mayor of Sundbyberg Peter Schilling, Director of Sweden-China Culture and Communications Association Huang Lei and Director of Chinese Education Association in Sweden Xiao Yong also attended the event.

In his speech, Ambassador Gui congratulated on the founding of Mulan Theater. He said that as the first theater of kids of Chinese origin, Mulan Theater, pursuing cultural connectivity, integrates both Chinese and Swedish theatrical cultures, and provides a platform that combines Chinese and Swedish theatrical cultures for kids, where they can learn the two cultures, immerse in arts and grow up happily. Such a platform, by associating education with performance and fun, helps kids develop an interest in learning and mastering the Chinese language. Children are the rising sun and the future of the world. In recent years, China and Sweden have deepened and enriched cultural exchanges. It is hoped that China and Sweden will enhance interaction, exchanges and friendship between the children of the two countries, and further consolidate the bilateral relations.

Mayor Schilling said in his speech that Sweden and China have long-standing friendship. As early as mid-18th century, Swedish commercial vessels sailed all the way to China, opening Sweden-China maritime silk road. Sweden was also the first Western country to have diplomatic ties with China in the beginning of 1950s. Sundbyberg links the Sweden-China maritime silk road, and hopes to strengthen cooperation with China. Cultural cooperation has a unique nature, and is the foundation for social development and common well-being. Sundbyberg hopes to have closer cultural exchanges and cooperation with China, and hopes that the Mulan Theater will become an example of Sweden-China cultural cooperation and exchanges.

Ambassador Gui and Mayor Schilling inaugurated Mulan Theater together.

Chinese and Swedish kids performed excerpts of musicals and dances Wanbai, Dayu and Peter Pan, which was warmly applauded by the audience.

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