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The Education Section and Cultural Section of the Embassy will be relocated from 6 January 2019, the Science and Technology Section from 21 January, and the Economic and Commercial Section from 28 January, to Lidovägen 8, 115 25 Stockholm, Sweden. Their contact information after the relocation is as follows:


Economic and Commercial Affairs

Tel: 57936436, Fax: 57936450,E-mail: se@mofcom.gov.cn

Educational Affairs

Tel: 57936442, Fax: 57936444,E-mail: info@cnedu.nu

Cultural Affairs

Tel: 57936417, Fax: 57936444,E-mail: culture@chinaembassy.se

Scientific and Technological Affairs

Tel: 57936457, Fax: 57936460,E-mail: science@chinaembassy.se


Chinese Embassy in Sweden

5 January 2019

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