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Ambassador Gui Congyou Visits Norrbotten County and Östergötland County of Sweden

On 19 to 21, and 22 November, Ambassador Gui Congyou visited Norrbotten County and Östergötland County in Sweden upon invitation. He met with governors and other political leaders of these two counties, attended the round-table meeting between Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Sweden and the Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce, and visited the Luleå University of Technology and the Swedish Institute for Metals Research.

During the meetings with County Governor Nilsson of Norrbotten, First Vice Chairman of the Luleå Municipal Council, and County Governor Graf of Östergötland, Ambassador Gui said that both China and Sweden advocate free trade, oppose protectionism, firmly implement the Paris Agreement on climate change, and insist on pursuing development through open cooperation and working together to address major challenges facing the world. China is willing to conduct extensive exchanges and cooperation with all other countries including Sweden. Norrbotten and Östergötland have unique advantages and characteristics in terms of economic development, both being highly innovative, green and sustainable. China, in its vigorous effort to promote high-quality economic development and meet people's demand for a better life, is firmly implementing the new vision of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development. China is willing to strengthen friendly exchanges and cooperation in relevant fields with the two counties.

Governor Nilsson and other political leaders of Norrbotten County said that Norrbotten is the largest county in Sweden. It also lies closest among all Swedish counties to the Arctic. It has abundant natural resources, complete industrial structure, and strong research and innovation capabilities. The local enterprises have an international perspective and a tradition of cooperating with foreign partners, and are looking forward to strengthening friendly exchanges and cooperation with China.

Governor Graf of Östergötland said that China is an important cooperation partner of Sweden. Östergötland and Jiangsu Province of China have long maintained close and friendly cooperation. Östergötland attaches great importance to cooperation with China. As the new county governor, he is willing to inherit the tradition of friendly cooperation between the two counties and promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields.

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