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Wife of Chinese Ambassador to Sweden Ms. Song Jingli visits Stockholm International Montessori School

On 23 November, Madam Song Jingli, wife of Chinese Ambassador to Sweden and the President of the Sunshine School of the Embassy was invited to visit Stockholm International Montessori School.

Jill Nilsson, President of Stockholm International Montessori School expressed her warm welcome to Ms. Song jingli’s visit. Song Jingli and other delegation members visited a number of classrooms from kindergarten to senior grades, observed on-the-spot teaching in different subjects, interacted with the teachers and students of the school and enthusiastically exchanged views to understand the school’s educational philosophy, teaching methods and materials, as well as the situation of Chinese language teaching.

The ninth grade teachers and students of the School reported on the experience they had during the exchange with the sister-school in China in the autumn of 2018, and their feeling of living and experiencing Chinese culture in Chinese families.

Ms. Song Jingli hopes that the students will grow up happily at school, actively learn Chinese language and culture, and become an outstanding talent with multicultural quality and international vision in the future, making contribution to the development of friendly relations between China and Sweden.

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