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Ambassador Gui Congyou Attends AI Summit 2018 in Stockholm

On 19 November, Ambassador Gui Congyou attended AI Summit 2018 at KTH and delivered a speech. Swedish State Secretary for Housing and Digital Development Alf Karlsson and Vinnova Director-General Darja Isaksson also attended the event.

In his remarks, Ambassador Gui said artificial intelligence is one of the most important areas of global innovation. In a world of rising population, limited resources, growing economy, and accelerating technological development, the importance of developing artificial intelligence is broadly recognized. The Chinese Government attaches high importance to and strongly supports AI development, and China’s AI industry has developed significantly. Numbers show that in 2017 China’s AI industry, with 592 companies and a total investment of USD 63.5 billion, employed 39,200 R&D personnel, all ranking the second in the world. As a front-runner in innovation, Sweden has also achieved a lot in AI development. On the basis of win-win cooperation, we would like to advance China-Sweden cooperation in all areas including AI and further grow China-Sweden friendly relations.

Director-General Isaksson said, AI is an important means to elevate productivity of traditional industries and improve people’s life. It is also a priority area for Vinnova. As a country that takes great pride in innovation traditions, it is important for Sweden to attach importance to AI development, step up R&D efforts and provide AI training programs for workers. AI has also brought about new challenges for humankind, including structural changes of many professions, job losses and information asymmetry. It is necessary for countries to work with each other to address the challenges and develop together, as AI development transcends borders and disciplines.

State Secretary Karlsson said there is good foundation for China-Sweden innovation cooperation. China is very strong in AI and Sweden puts innovation and AI cooperation with China high on its agenda. Sweden has very good cooperation with many Chinese innovation companies such as Huawei and looks forward to expanding cooperation with China.

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