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Ambassador Gui Congyou Gives Exclusive Interview to DN on Organ Donation and Transplant in China

On 4 September 2018, Ambassador Gui Congyou gave an exclusive interview to DN journalist Hanna Westerlund at the Embassy on organ donation and transplant in China.

Ambassador Gui said, we are shocked to see that some Swedish media have continued to publish claims smearing China by the “Falungong”, a cult that has been outlawed by the Chinese government according to law.

Ambassador Gui briefed on the history of legislation on organ donation and transplant in China, including setting up eligibility requirements for hospitals in 2005, issuing the Regulations on Human Organ Transplant in 2007 and criminalizing organ trafficking and involuntary organ extraction in the amendments to China’s Criminal Law in 2011. The claims of “Falungong” that China has 60,000 to 100,000 cases of transplant per year are ridiculous. They are nothing but a lie. China has joined the Transplantation Society, which demonstrates China’s organ donation and transplant system meets international standards and ethics.

Hanna Westerlund said, according to Sweden’s experience, it usually takes 10 to 20 years to put in place a complete system of organ donation and transplant. It took China only 10 years to do so, which is very fast.

The Chinese Embassy in Sweden reiterates its position that it is not complying with media ethics of basing reports on facts and objectivity for Dagens Samhalle to have the disinformation and slander of the “Falungong” as part of the debate. It propagates falsehood, malice and ugliness. We urge Dagens Samhalle to immediately correct such practice.

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