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Speech of the Chinese Ambassador Chen Yuming at the Opening Ceremony of the China Cultural Centre in Stockholm

Dear State Secretary Oscar Strenström,

Mrs. Director Annika Rembe,

Your Excellencies,

Distinguished guests:

An old Chinese saying goes: What you sow in spring you reap a thousandfold in autumn. In this golden autumn, the China Cultural Centre in Stockholm is now officially open. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden, I’d like to express my warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to all distinguished guests, the Chinese cultural delegation and Chinese artists present at the inauguration.

Culture is the bridge between mind and emotion, and a link for deepening understanding and trust between countries. Overseas Chinese cultural centers have four main functions: cultural exchange, education, dialog of thoughts and informational services. They create opportunities for diverse forms of cultural exchange; it’s an open window to a comprehensive presentation of Chinese culture, a platform for cultural cooperation and a gateway for deeper mutual understanding and trust.

The Chinese cultural center in Stockholm is located in the beautiful Kungsträdgården, a place brimming with history. As the new platform for Chinese and Swedish cultural exchange, it will witness future developments of China-Sweden ties. Today, looking back on 66-years of cultural relations between China and Sweden, we will have the opportunity to enjoy today exquisite Chinese oil paintings and excellent performances by Chinese artists. Where we are now is only a part of the future Cultural Centre. From henceforth, the Chinese cultural centre will be open to the public six days a week, from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, with Chinese art exhibitions, concerts, acting performances and academic lectures. Of course, there will be the Chinese library and Chinese language teaching. Friends from all walks of life are warmly welcome to the Centre to enjoy the art works, performances, salons, Chinese lectures and Chinese tea workshops. We believe that Chinese culture fans will find their own niche at the Centre. I hope that we will be able to meet here often, relish in the beauty of Chinese culture and nourish the roots of the China-Sweden relations.

Thank you.

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