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Professor Urban Lendahls Tal på mottagningen för att hedra Prof. Tu Youyou

Dear Nobel Laureate Professor Tu Youyou, Dear Ambassador, Dear Friends and Colleagues.

I would first like to thank you for inviting us and for the wonderful hospitality we have been bestowed at this Reception. We are honored to be here and to share this moment with Professor Tu and you all.

The Nobel Prize was from the onset an international prize, which was unusual when it was first awarded, well over 100 years ago.

In this international spirit, we every year search the globe for the most important scientific discoveries, and this year we award the Nobel Prize to Professor Tu and welcome China into the family of countries with a Laureate that has received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

To have had the opportunity to meet with Professor Tu during the Nobel Week and to listen to her Nobel Lecture are truly wonderful and mesmerizing moments and Professor Tu’s discoveries are now an important chapter in the history of medicine.

Professor Tu has made a remarkable scientific journey spanning from the rich Chinese ancient history of herbal medicine to the latest semi-synthetic derivatives of Artemisinin so successfully used today against malaria.

Artemisinin now saves millions of lives across our planet, and this is indeed a unique feat.

In addition to making the world a better place by successfully combatting malaria, it is also clear Professor Tu and her achievements serves as an important inspiration for young scientists in China and across the world, thus helping to foster the next-generation scientists.

Finally, let me finish by again thanking you for inviting us and let me convey our warmest congratulations to Professor Tu. Thank you all!

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