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Legalization / Authentication

(1) Briefing:

The Chinese Embassy and Consulates legalize (or authenticate) documents which are executed in Sweden and will be used in China. Type of documents include: birth/death certificates, power of attorney, marriage certificates, diplomas, adoption application papers, business license, etc. 

(2) Procedures for legalization:

Step One: Signed and notarized by a Swedish Notary Public;

· Official documents with stamp and official original signatures,like Personbevis,Certificate of Registration and so on,can be directly sent to Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs for legalization.For more information,please visit:http://www.government.se/government-of-sweden/ministry-for-foreign-affairs/document-legalisation-by-the-judicial-office/

· Kammarkollegiet-authorized translator can do Swedish-Chinese translation.For the list of translators,please visit:http://www.kammarkollegiet.se/en

Step Two: Legalized by Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

· Document containing more than one page must be properly bound, ie sticker-sealed by Notary Public or Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Step Three: Legalized by Chinese Embassy in Sweden or Chinese Consulate General in Gothenburg (depending on where you are located. Those who live in south-western 7 provinces of Sweden, i.e. Västra Götland, Halland, Värmland, Jonkonping, Kronoberg, Skåne, Blekinge, their application should submit to Chinese Consulate General in Gothenburg ).


(3) Requirement of application for Legalization by the Chinese Embassy:

- completely filled one Legalization Application Form;

- notarized and legalized document, both original and photocopy;

- The original of the applicant's passport and a photocopy of the photo/information page of the passport; and

-if an applicant has entrusted someone else to submit the application on his/her behalf, a photocopy of both the entrusted person's and the applicant's passport will be required. The entrusted person also need to show his passport in original. For legalization of matters concerning major interests of the applicant, a power of attorney should be submitted.

-if legalization is for company's use, please submit: copy of the company registration certificate, photocopy of the passport of legal representative; power of attorney of the legal representative if he does not come in person; passport in original and its photocopy of the agent.

-the above mentioned documents are subject to change.

(4) Useful address of Notary Public Office and Legalization Office

-- Notary Public Office

Suggest to search the web or look in the Swedish yellow pages under "notarius publicus" to find the notarial official nearest you 

-- UD Legaliseringsexpeditionen

Judicial Office

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Phone :+46 8 405 51 00

Visiting address:Malmtorgsgatan 3 A, Stockholm

Address:SE-103 39 Stockholm

Telephone hours:Monday-Friday, 13.00-15.00 p.m.

Visiting hours:Monday-Thursday, 9.00-11.00 a.m.


-- Chinese Embassy in Sweden

Consular Section

Chinese Embassy in Sweden

Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 40

115 27 Stockholm

Tel: 08-57936430


Visiting hours: 09:00-11:30;Telephone hours:14:30-16:00

(Monday-Friday, except public holiday and Chinese holiday.For Chinese holiday leave, please pay attention to Notice from the Embassy.) 

(5) Application Fees for Legalization

Type of Legalization

Fees (in Swedish Krona

Civil Affairs

65(Chinese Citizen)

200(Foreign Citizen)

Commercial Affairs

130(Chinese Citizen)

400(Foreign Citizen)

Express Service

230(Chinese Citizen)

230(Foreign Citizen)






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