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Ambassador Gui Congyou Gives Interviews to Swedish Media on the Extradition Case of Qiao Jianjun

On 3 July, Ambassador Gui Congyou gave interviews to SVD journalist Mikael Törnwall and Expressen journalist Filippa Rogvall, and presented the positions on the extradition case of Qiao Jianjun.

Ambassador Gui said, several days ago, something strange happened in Sweden that stunned the world. Qiao Jianjun is a corrupt fugitive that is hated by all Chinese people. He is suspected of embezzling over 200 million yuan. This is all grain purchase fund and hard-earned money that farmers in China toiled for. After escaping China, he laundered the money in countries including the US, Singapore and Liechtenstein before he escaped to Sweden. Relevant Chinese authorities provided concrete and detailed evidence of Qiao Jianjun's suspected crimes to the authorities in these countries, and they confirmed the evidence through investigation. Qiao Jianjun is wanted by the Interpol, and is NO. three on the red notice list of one hundred corrupt fugitives wanted by China. It is very hard to believe the Supreme Court of Sweden decided to release this serious corrupt fugitive just based on the lies of very few anti-China persons at the recent hearing for the extradition.

Ambassador Gui said, over the past five years, nearly 6,000 criminal suspects were extradited, repatriated or turned themselves in to China from over 120 countries including America and Europe. The competent Chinese authorities handled all the cases fairly and according to law. No one was subjected to so-called torture or death penalty. We hope the Supreme Court in Sweden will stand on the side of justice, make a fair decision on the case as soon as possible, so that Qiao Jianjun can be extradited to China to be brought to justice. What the Chinese people resent the most is corruption, and Sweden boasts itself as a country that tolerates zero corruption. We hope Sweden will not become a shelter-provider or safe haven for corrupt criminals.

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