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Ambassador Gui Congyou Meets with Chairman of Merorgandonation

On 24 August, Ambassador Gui Congyou met with Mr. Göran Carstedt, Chairman of Merorgandonation (MOD), at the Embassy.

Mr. Carstedt expressed admiration for the historic development achievements of China and appreciation for China’s tremendous progress in organ donation and transplantation. He introduced Sweden’s practices, experience and challenges in this field, and said that organ donation and transplantation is a global undertaking that requires the cooperation of all countries. China’s tremendous progress in this field has contributed to promoting the development of organ donation and transplantation in the world. He hopes that Sweden and China will carry out relevant exchanges and cooperation to save more lives.

Ambassador Gui said that China has unceasingly promoted the legislative development and standardization of organ donation and transplantation, and constantly improved its voluntary organ donation and transplantation system that is law-based, fair, equitable, scientific, efficient and transparent. These achievements have been fully recognized and widely praised by the international community and constitute an important contribution to the global organ donation and transplantation cause. Countries can learn from each other in this field.

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